Family Law Success Stories

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  • Obtained the return of a six month-old child who had been removed to Florida by the Mother without the Father’s permission.
  • Obtained the return of a nine year old child who had been removed to Hawaii by Mother without the permission of Father.
  • Successfully negotiated a divorce settlement while representing the Wife in a complex Franklin County case in which the issue was entitlement to an $800,000 farm which had been in the Husband’s family for over 100 years.
  • Obtained expeditious custody orders on behalf of numerous clients in Cumberland, Dauphin, York, Perry, and Franklin counties.
  • Obtained custody for grandparents in numerous cases where their grandchildren were at risk.
  • Successfully defended against Protection From Abuse Orders (PFA).
  • Obtained exclusive possession of marital residences in complicated divorce cases.
  • Obtained a favorable ruling that a Child’s home state was Pennsylvania where the Child’s Father sought to establish jurisdiction in South Carolina.
  • Successfully established jurisdiction in Pennsylvania, where mother moved to Colorado and claimed jurisdiction in either Colorado or North Carolina.
  • Successfully defended and prevented Father from relocating to another jurisdiction (state) and, thus, preserved grandparent’s rights.
  • Successfully defended Father’s sole legal and physical custody rights against Mother who had failed to take proper action to prevent the sexual abuse of daughter.
  • Defended clients in Dauphin County Children and Youth proceedings, obtaining requested relief and reuniting families.
  • Defended client in Cumberland County Children and Youth proceedings during a two year period and helped to reunite Mother and Son who Children and Youth Services placed in several foster homes and attempted to have adopted.
  • Litigated, at three separate hearings, custody case involving a child with poor nutritional habits, taking Mother from custody of only eight hours each week to a 50-50 custody arrangement.





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