Labor Law Success Stories

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  • Obtained a favorable settlement for a school teacher wrongfully terminated in Cumberland County.
  • Won an appeal before the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission against the Liquor Control Board for unlawfully ”pre-selecting” an employee for promotion and obtained an Order giving the same position to his client.
  • Forced a prominent local wholesale club to accommodate a known disability of one of its local managers.
  • Successfully settled a racial discrimination and retaliation claim in federal court against two national trucking companies.
  • Successfully settled a federal disability discrimination lawsuit against a national waste disposal company.
  • Successfully settled a federal discrimination lawsuit against a local educational institution for retaliating against an employee who had supported a racial bias claim on behalf of a co-worker.
  • Successfully settled a federal Equal Pay Act lawsuit against a Harrisburg restoration company.
  • Successfully settled a case in federal court against a Harrisburg company for failing to pay proper amounts of overtime and for retaliating against that employee when he engaged in protected activity.
  • Forced a state administrative agency to accommodate a known disability of one of its employees.
  • Negotiated a severance package for a Manager working for a national retail book outlet, based upon a potential age discrimination lawsuit.
  • Successfully obtained unemployment compensation benefits for a employee denied benefits and accused of sleeping on the job, who, in part, suffered from a serious medical condition.
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